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WeBlock is committed to building the world’s most intelligent blockchain acceleration service system.

Through the assistance of smart robot and extremely friendly user interaction, every project could enjoy unprecedented service experience. Unlike the past, WeBlock adopts a decentralized and transparent acceleration method: one-lick matching of data analysis and automated service from robot enable intial project funding, user growth and resource integration extraordinarily simple and efficient. In just 7 days, you project will be build brand new.

Divided into 6 ecological services, the ecological services complement each other:

*WeBounty: webounty.io

an intelligent community and social media user growth solution service based on the WeBlock system. @webounty_official

*WePayU: wepayu.io

-provides a set of peer-to-peer services for decentralized digital advertising based on blockchain technology and paid by digital currency.


-mainly solves the pain points of community team formation in the business model.


-pays close attention to the hottest and best quality projects in the current industry.


-is WeBLock’s listing service in the accelerated ecosystem, relying on the high-quality exchange resources that WeBlock has served.


-consists of WeBlock’s founding governance committees or blockchain consultants in independent industries, which is intended to solve the problem of tokenization in the target industry.

Breaking News: WeBlock will launch the first round of Public Offering of its token- WON from 2020/8/14!

Check details on https://www.weblock.vip/wetoken

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WeBlock is committed to build the world’s most intelligent one-stop block chain acceleration service system.