WeBlock has Announced a Strategic Investment in 1Sol Protocol

2 min readDec 10, 2021

WeBlock, a full-service blockchain accelerator, is excited to announce our investment and acceleration in 1sol, a cross-chain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocols on Solana.

WeBlock will assist 1Sol improving marketing influence and ecological construction globally through strategic investment relationships.

WeBlock team will provide acceleration service in global brand construction, multi-regional market promotion, assisting 1Sol for multi-social platforms expansion and media collaboration, cooperating with global influencers&KOLs.

About 1Sol:

1Sol aims to help users swap token much easier with their technology. Smart calculator will do the price comparing and the work of finding the best route.

1Sol Protocol is a cross-chain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocols on Solana, enabling the most seamless, efficient and protected operations in DeFi. With DeFi infrastructure rapidly growing, aggregators in high demand, cross-chain transactions being the future, 1Sol is born to bring together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi (swaps, orderbook DEX(s), OTC, etc.) for multi-chains.

1Sol SHO on DAO Maker started at 12:00(UTC+0), 8th Dec, 2021, and will end at 12:00(UTC+0), 9th Dec, 2021.

About WeBlock:

WeBlock is committed to building the world’s first intelligent project acceleration system. Through the assistance of smart robots and extremely friendly user interaction, the Defi project could enjoy an unprecedented service experience. Unlike the past, WeBlock adopts a decentralized and transparent acceleration method: one-click matching of data analysis and automated service from robots enable such operations like initial project funding, user growth, and resource integration in an extraordinarily simple and efficient way. There are 7 independent products under the WeBlock ecosystem: WeBounty, WePayU, WeAdmin, WeIXO, WeListing and WeFlow.

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WeBlock is committed to build the world’s most intelligent one-stop block chain acceleration service system.