WeBlock Biweekly Report (Oct 19th to Oct 31st)

WeBlocker leading from the future

WeBlock is committed to building the world’s most intelligent blockchain acceleration service system. Through the assistance of smart robot and extremely friendly user interaction, every project could enjoy unprecedented service experience. Unlike the past, WeBlock adopts a decentralized and transparent acceleration method: One-Click matching of data analysis and automated service from robot enables initial project funding, user growth and resource integration extraordinarily simple and efficient. In just 7 days, you the project will be build brand new.

01-WeBlock(WON)Development & Technology

1) Architecture design

-To design the Liquidity Reward Formula

-To design the Front & Back end API for DApp

2) Build the Liquidity Reward Agreement

-To complete the codes of Solidity

-To prepare the Function and security testing

3)Update the Data Consistency for WePayU and WeBounty

a: To re-construction the WePayU Database and connect to WeBounty to the second time initialization.

b: To unified the login, judge, redirect and return method as same for two systems’ users.

c: To modify the login method for WePayU and WeBounty to ensure establish the same ‘token’

d: To modify the encryption mode of ‘token’, revise the verification of Redis access failure/timeout.

02-WeBlock(WON)Community & Operation Status

9,567 users joined WeBlock telegram. 6,910 users followed WeBlock Twitter.

31,846 users joined WeBounty_English telegram. 21,400 users followed WeBounty Twitter.

Regional governance nodes are built and organized by WeBlock earlier contributor.

03-WeBlock Progress

1) WON

WeToken ($WON) has launched on BW.com Tokens LaunchPad and successfully finished subscription amount USD 500,000.


WeToken ($WON) has opened trading pair: WON / USDT, WON/ETH in BW.com Exchange.



Coinmarketcap has listed WeBlock. Check on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/weblock/markets/ for $WON

Uniswap has listed on WeBlock, you can copy and paste WON-tokenlist Link:


A tutorial on adding WON to the token list of Uniswap,

2) WeBounty


3) WePayU


Click to earn USDT in 10seconds. WeBlock’s product Wepayu_io will increase 5 times of $USDT rewards by each click. 500% increase on $USDT rewards for a limited time. Log in Wepayu_io and enjoy.


4) WeLabs

PayPal new service enable customers to buy, hold and sell BTC,ETH,BCH and LTC. @PayPal. New weekly recommended Defi projects presented by #WeLabs.

04-Partnership & Cooperation

WeBlock and the crypto derivatives trading platform BitwellGlobal have signed strategic acceleration cooperation to jointly expand BitWell’s global influence in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us(info@weblock.vip) for any further information or join us.

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WeBlock is committed to build the world’s most intelligent one-stop block chain acceleration service system.