Weblock and Shield($SLD) Have Reached a Strategic Partnership

2 min readJun 4, 2021
Weblock and Shield($SLD) Have Reached a Strategic Partnership

WeBlock, a full-service blockchain accelerator, announced its new strategic partnership with Shield($SLD), the First Risk-Free Decentralized Perpetual Platform.

The new partnership came about from shared values and vision between WeBlock and Shield($SLD).

WeBlock Team will provide the acceleration service in building the international community with its administration & operation, assisting the brand construction, promoting in the multi-regional market & multi-social platforms expansion, enhancing the global Media & Press exposure and collaborating with the influencers & KOLs.

WeBlock continues to value the strategic partnership with Shield($SLD) in the ecosystem development.

About Shield ($SLD):

Shield -the First Risk-Free Decentralized Perpetual Platform.

Shield devotes to developing a trustless, censorship-resistant and accessible protocol based on a fully non-cooperative game. The Shield is bringing to you the next generation of global decentralized derivative infrastructure.

Shield($SLD) ITO

Shield aims to become the global leader in decentralized derivatives infrastructure, and every small achievement of its is a step in the true decentralization of the blockchain space. This is why, Shield is proud to announce the news of the latest funding — of 2 million dollars, conducted in a private funding round. The leading investors include A&T Capital and Hashkey Capital, while the rest of the investors included SevenX Ventures, Incuba Alpha, Youbi Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Bonfire Union, Moonwhale Ventures, Zonff Partners, Shima Capital, and Sharlyn Wu (Ex- Huobi CIO) for Shield’s latest funding round.

Shield ITO will launch at 11:00(UTC+0), June 7, 2021, and end at 12:00(UTC+0), June 8, 2021.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Participate in Shield(SLD) ITO

About WeBlock ($WON):

WeBlock is committed to building the world’s first intelligent project acceleration system. Through the assistance of smart robots and extremely friendly user interaction, the Defi project could enjoy an unprecedented service experience. Unlike the past, WeBlock adopts a decentralized and transparent acceleration method: one-click matching of data analysis and automated service from robot enable such operations like initial project funding, user growth, and resource integration in an extraordinarily simple and efficient way. There are 7 independent products under the WeBlock eco-system: WeBounty, WePayU, WeAdmin, WeIXO, WeListing and WeFlow.

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WeBlock is committed to build the world’s most intelligent one-stop block chain acceleration service system.