WeBlock and Fair.Game Signed Strategic Partnership

WeBlock entered into a strategic partnership with Fair.Game for further cooperation to accelerate the development of Fair.Game in building the global community and brand, multi-regional market promotion, multi-social medias expansion.

WeBlock will help Fair.Game to expand its global Defi project ecosystem. These include in-depth and close cooperation in liquidity investment, user growth plan, Top 10 exchange listing, and secondary market cooperation.

WeBlock aims to bring the acceleration service to Fair.Game through the strategic partnership.

More About: Fair.Game

Fair.Game is the world’s first fair game platform based on blockchain technology. It has been the first to launch a blockchain game that runs on the official public chain. In the future, more types of blockchain games will be launched in succession and passed to hundreds of millions of online game users worldwide. Fair.Game will make public all core random numbers of the running games in the platform.

More About :WeBlock

WeBlock is committed to building the world’s first intelligent project acceleration system. Through the assistance of smart robots and extremely friendly user interaction, Defi project could enjoy unprecedented service experience. Unlike the past, WeBlock adopts a decentralized and transparent acceleration method: one-click matching of data analysis and automated service from robot enable such operations like initial project funding, user growth, and resource integration in an extraordinarily simple and efficient way. There are 7 independent products under WeBlock eco-system: WeBounty, WePayU, WeAdmin, WeIXO, WeListing and WeFlow.

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Twitter | Telegram (Official) | Website (Official

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Twitter | Telegram (Official) | Telegram (Announcements)

Medium | Visit us on https://www.weblock.vip/



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