WeBlock AMA with Flare Finance Recap

WeBlock AMA with Flare Finance Recap

Q&A with WeBlock Host


  1. Battle-Tested — We as developers of this product are ensuring the product we deliver is battle-tested, or thoroughly analyzed for potential weak points, bugs, or flaws in our approach to bringing our product to market. Flare Finance takes time to ensure we test the platform for all possible outcomes or usage conditions. We see this opportunity as a chance to set the standard going forward for DeFi. We take that extremely seriously.
  2. Well-Designed — Our developers have 10+ years’ experience in direct user experience and user interface development. We believe that looks are just as important as the code itself. One should not be forced to utilize something that “looks” shady and barely delivers the functions it was meant to deliver as a decentralized finance platform. Flare Finance is developing our product under strict branding guidelines, and we want to ensure the culture behind our product sticks.
  3. User-Focused — With our experience, we are able to deliver a product that is truly user-focused. Our goal is to ensure when you use Flare Finance, you feel as comfortable and knowledgeable as you do walking into your local bank to deal with one’s own financial stuffs. We do not want our platform giving off the feel of “thrown together”. We want to ensure what we put out is truly a user-owned product and able to build a solid impression in our holders’ minds.

Community Live Question

Q1: Will I be able to participate on the Flare Network as an agent and in FTSO and simultaneously use the same Spark tokens to participate in Flare Finance?



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