WeBlock AMA With CoinTiger Platform Recap

On the 10th of September, the WeBlock community hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Will Sun, the CGO of the CoinTiger platform, being the guest.

The live AMA session revealed a lot about the CoinTiger platform, as the CGO of CoinTiger delved into the project, explaining all its great features and contributions to the digital space.

Below is the AMA live chat review, containing discussion that went on during the AMA.

To ensure a better comprehension, the below details from the AMA was slightly edited.


Will Sun is the CGO of CoinTiger and has more than 4 years work experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field.

He was a product manager and helped many companies design and implement blockchain projects, and participated in the early cryptocurrency investment.

Will Sun joined CoinTiger in 2018, and now as the chief growth manager, taking responsibility for business and operations of CoinTiger.


CoinTiger is a major cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides cryptocurrency trading services to its users, allowing them trade multiple cryptocurrencies with ease.



Q1. What are the three keywords you would use to summarize CoinTiger Exchange’s achievements in the first three quarters of 2020? Could you explain the three keywords one by one?

Will Sun:

Rapid: CoinTiger improves rapidly in 2020.

Operational level: the number of daily active traders increased by 100%+ year-on-year.

Asset level: 78 new spot projects and 34 contract projects have been listed on CoinTiger with an average of 1 project listed every two days.

Almost every project is listed with interesting campaigns.

Campaign level: communicate with users, listen to users voices, and continuously optimize campaigns.

Our community has reached to 18+ areas with more than 100,000 members till now. The first three quarters of 2020 were very busy, fighting every day.

Expand: CoinTiger has a range of business, including spot and new business lines, such as ETF and Futures.

We also launched a unique feature — CoinTiger Forum. To support the global fiat channel, CoinTiger added MoonPay which supports 42 kinds of fiat by credit cards. Moreover, we launched a series of services, such as cloud computing sales, TigerBank, etc.

Merge: The above series of functions are integrated into one to provide users with a perfect trading experience.

A new user who signs up on CoinTiger will be able to get familiar with projects by joining in points tasks and earn points to exchange for BTC. Users can use credit cards or deposit money on CoinTiger to trade. Spots, ETF, and futures can match users’ different risk appetites and TigerBank and others can help users manage their finances. At the same time, users can also interact with people in CoinTiger Forum and learn interesting knowledge.


Q2: So how do you see CoinTiger’s recent performance in the DeFi market?

Will Sun: Let’s introduce our process on DeFi…

CoinTiger has made great achievements in the DeFi field, but there is still room for improvement. We implemented a series of strategies to provide users with better services and help users make profits in the DeFi field when DeFi is hot in 2020.

1. Provide high-quality DeFi assets so users can buy high-quality DeFi assets on CoinTiger.

2. Establish a DeFi zone, DeFi Gold Mining Plan (Secondary Fund) to attract high-quality projects with great potential to be listed on CoinTiger.

3. Hold DeFi Potential Token Voting for Listing campaigns to find high-quality projects (3 phases are currently in progress, 7 projects are available now on CoinTiger).

4. List a range of DeFi futures to provide opportunities for users to make profits by shorting DeFi projects.

It is worth mentioning that CoinTiger is one of the exchanges with the most DeFi futures in the world, with the best depth and experience.

Notice that some users short SUSHI in CoinTiger and get very good profit, lol.

We will launch Tiger Vault soon to help users access high-quality DeFi Protocol to make profits. In addition, we will launch a series of DeFi content campaigns in CoinTiger Forum to deepen users’ understanding of DeFi.

For the project, we are the most suitable CEX for DeFi projects in terms of policy and environment.

For users, we provide complete facilities so users can make profits by investing in high-quality, potential spots, trading futures or putting money in Tiger Vault. Users can earn high commission rebates by joining in a Contract Broker program to invite people around them to trade futures.

A user who earned more than 10,000 USDT of commissions in only one month, and this is just the beginning. Contact @feadk on telegram for more information.


Q3: Established in Singapore-a place in the world, CoinTiger has covered 18+ regions and enjoys a good global reputation. What do you think are the keys behind it? Which regional market will be CoinTiger’s next focus?

Will Sun: I think this comes from our culture — do things solidly, users first.

CoinTiger users are based in China, the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Russia, Turkey, etc. We will make efforts in Europe, which is still a fresh market for us, so we will explore it with a series of strategies.


Q3: As I see there is a thing called “CoinTiger Labs” on your website but I didn’t find much info about it. Could you please tell the WeBlock community the vision and mission of CoinTiger Labs? Any exciting initiative?

Will Sun: CoinTiger Labs is committed to serving the full life cycle of blockchain projects, providing consulting, asset, resources, and listing services for projects in a deep incubation model.

The mission of CoinTiger Labs is — accompanying blockchain entrepreneurs to grow together, helping projects achieve their value, and exploring the new future of the blockchain economy.

CoinTiger Labs helped incubate 2–3 projects in 2018 and 2019, and accomplished great achievements, which greatly improved their business. In Q4 of 2020, we will continue this work and look for high-quality teams in the market to provide incubation services.


Q4: What are your future plans in context with your recent partnership with WeBlock (A full-service blockchain accelerator)?

Will Sun: First of all, CoinTiger will share information with WeBlock.

We will give priority to listing projects that are incubated and recommended by WeBlock.

Second, ConTiger will jointly launch an incubation plan with WeBlock to recruit high-quality projects globally, combine resources of both sides, and promote incubation at the market, community, asset, and listing levels to create unicorn projects. I can’t wait to start the cooperation with WeBlock, lol.


Q5: I think WeBlock community is interested to know a little bit more about you! How do you earn money in crypto field? How to be a smart investor?

Will Sun: I earn money from two aspects. First, I will choose some good projects, whose marketcap is from #50–150, buy and hodl it. When the bull market comes, it will bring me 200%-500% profit.

For DeFi projects, I bought LEND, SNX, YFI, YFII months before.

Second, I will trade futures when I have clear thought on the project. For example, when SUSHI goes to 8–10 USD and I thought it would be dumped then I short it.

Because you will know SUSHI is created by Big Farmers and they sell all the time with no cost, it must dump in a short time.

Earn the money you know is clear.


1. What are the best services provided by CoinTiger for traders and investors in digital asset trading & what advantages does CoinTiger Exchange have in terms of liquidity and transaction fees? And how is the listing process in CoinTiger Exchange?

Will Sun:

Best service: CoinTiger provides users with one-stop service, including spot, ETF, futures, IEO, Tiger Bank,Tiger Forum,Tiger Point System and a series of well-designed product features. We are willing to call the whole as the best service because it can help new users to become skilled users and choose products that suit their own risk appetites.

Liquidity and transaction fees: we cooperate with a range of top liquidity providers to enhance the depth of our spot and futures. On handling fee rate, we are at the same level as other exchanges and will soon launch our own VIP system.

Listing: We have a complete audit system for listing. If you want to list projects, please find the application form at the bottom of CoinTiger official website. After you fill in 24–48 hours, we will review it and contact the listing team.

2. Does CoinTiger plan to stake Defi tokens in the future ?

Will Sun:

Yes. We have the function TigerBank, which supports PoS. And the Tiger Vault will be part of Tiger Bank, integrating the DeFi project protocol.

3. Currently, there are many strong developing trading apps such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi and too many to mention, what makes Cointiger a more competitive one than others?

Will Sun:

It’s a good question. Actually almost all two tied exchanges have no chance to chase Binance, Huobi and OKEX. But we have our own users pool and own strategy. Like Tiger Forum, we help users to connect to each other.

If one user’s friends are all in Tiger Forum and can communicate to each, they won’t easily go to other exchanges. Also, we will improve our user experience and project quality in the future.

4. In your opinion as CGO of CoinTiger, what’s the most important thing? Building community trust or increasing traffic by listing hyped coins/tokens? There are many exchanges that just listed coins/tokens because the coins/tokens got some hype, and don’t care about the project itself.

Will Sun:

CGO = Chief Growing Officer. My daily work is to think of the best strategy and organize the team to chase it. For example, in DeFi month, I thought how we could help our users to make profit and connect to more good projects. Then we discuss and export a series of DeFi actions. Listing, Campaign, Community and others should be done all the time and make them merge to one.

5.Cointiger exchange is very kind with its community, do you have plans to introduce it in South America?

Will Sun:

Yes. Now we have 19 Telegram groups and we have many Tiger Knights from all over the world. They help us set up a local community and do some daily key work. If you have thought and resource, can help us develop a new market, please feel free to contact the admin on our TG official groups.

The WeBlock community members were availed the opportunity of asking more questions to the CoinTiger CGO, who provided fulfilling answers to them.

Before the conclusion of the AMA session, 5 winners emerged and are to be sent the rewards within a few days.

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