WeBlock AMA Session With CONNECTOME: Where is the margin of imagination:when artificial intelligence meets DeFi

On the 26th of September, the WeBlock Community (A full-service blockchain accelerator), hosted the Chief Marketing Officer of Connectome, Mr. Yoshida Tomoaki in a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on the platform. The AMA among things aims at providing answers to questions that border on AL role in DeFi, among other things.

During our AMA, Connectome’s ticker CNTM has listed on OKEX exchange and the price has been increasing by 20%.

Below is the recap of the AMA session conducted by Penny Reiss and WeBlock’s CTO, Dr. Garba as it played out.


Mr. Yoshida Tomoak is the Chief Marketing Officer of Connectome. He is mainly in charge of marketing planning and promotion of Connectome.


Connectome is a DeFi Artificial Intelligence Robo-Advisor platform developed based on blockchain technology. It supports on-chain transactions and AI evaluation of decentralized financial (DeFi) derivatives, liquidity mining, one-click Robo-Advisor, smart customer service among others. Added to that, through big data multi-dimensional analysis and AI model deduction, it provides users with one-click, customized Robo-Advisor services, and a full range of blockchain solutions for issuers of financial derivatives and investors.

Host Q&A Session:


Q1.At present, the DeFi market is growing rapidly and continues more popular . Is the boom in the DeFi is purpose of Connectome choosing to enter the DeFi market? What do you think are the current problems in the DeFi market, and what are your views on the future development of the DeFi market? What problems can Connectome solve for the DeFi market?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

Thanks for your question. We believe that the big increase in the digital currency market is largely due to the popularity of the DeFi industry, and in the current situation, the DeFi market occupies a relatively large share of the entire digital currency market. Therefore, our project chooses to enter the DeFi market for layout at this point. Although, the DeFi is currently very popular, it has also brought a big change to the digital currency market. The rapid development of the DeFi willl also bring some problems to the current market. For example: cause the rapid development, the learning speed of investors for DeFi projects cannot keep up with project innovation. Therefore, in the process of selecting investment targets, investors have no way to correctly evaluate DeFi projects by themselves. At this time, the Connectome AI robo-advisor platform will assist investors to complete accurate investment and mining behaviors through simple and convenient operations.


Q2: The theme of this AMA held by Connectome is “ When artificial intelligence meets DeFi”, in fact, Connectome mainly uses the robo-advisory platform as the core of the product. What is the function of AI robo-advisors? What are the highlights of this technology?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

Yes, our purpose of holding the AMA is to let CNTM users and investors know that we will provide you with a new investment experience by providing AI robo-advisor service functions. Next, I will briefly introduce what robo-advisor is. If you are an investor in the traditional financial industry, I guess you guys should have heard of the robo-advisor function. The traditional Robo-Adviser is a computing system based on big data with Artificial Intelligence(AI). It automatically calculates through investment data analysis and machine self-learning functions on the portfolio theory of financial derivatives, and provides proper suggestions for users. It is more like a financial advisor for portfolio management services, providing automated investment consulting and asset management services, using a series of intelligent algorithms to optimize the user portfolio and other theoretical models, providing investment advice to users, and dynamically detecting market changes. Provide regular or irregular adjustments to asset allocation, and carry out automatic rebalancing operations in accordance with certain rules to increase the return rate of the asset portfolio. At present, most of the robo-advisor platforms are mainly used in the traditional financial industry, mainly targeting various types of ETFs as investment targets. The highlight of robo-advisor is that it can combine Artificial Intelligence and big data analysis according to the needs of investors and risk tolerance, analyze user data and financial products, and so on; In the process of operation, as the market conditions change, the robo-advisor platform will automatically analyze the results of the calculation data floating through artificial intelligence and big data systems, and complete the adjustment of the investment portfolio based on the latest analysis results. Robo-advisor can also provide online services for 24 hours and use artificial intelligence to flexibly deal with the problems. Therefore, the use of robo-advisor can also reduce labor costs, and can quickly and accurately complete incident processing, reducing investment.


Q3. What is the difference between Connectome’s AI robo-advisory platform based on the DeFi market and traditional robo-advisory platforms?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

Compared with the traditional robo-advisor platform, we can also provide extremely convenient, simple and easy-to-operate fund management services for investors who use our robo-advisor platform, which can greatly make users enter the DeFi market more easily. In this process, investors can reduce the cost of learning for various DeFi products, without spending a lot of study time and energy on project research before investing, and can also avoiding DeFi projects with real investment value. Therefore, the Connectome AI investment advisor platform will be positioned as a “butler-style personal wealth platform”, truly combining artificial intelligence and big data, and by combining blockchain technology, using smart contracts to complete the automation of investor asset management. Use automated procedures to maximize the security of investors’ investment.


Q4: What is the technical logic of the Connectome AI robo-advisory platform? Is it convenient to explain the development and operation logic of the robo-advisory platform from a technical level?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

First of all, the Connectome AI robo-advisor platform is the first artificial intelligence product created by the Connectome team. The core technology of the product is artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology. Regarding technology, the Connectome DeFi robo-advisor platform is safe, reliable, and intelligent, which based on the underlying blockchain technology, integrating big data analysis and artificial intelligence. Connectome will use the off-chain intelligent cloud computing power data analysis platform to determine the parameters, code security, product type, mining incentives and other multiple indicators of various online DeFi products, as well as the user’s capital volume, investment preferences and other factors. In combination, the VHA intelligent cloud algorithm pioneered by Connectome is used for data analysis, and all the analysis results are stored in the Connectome intelligent cloud platform, and finally the data is obtained through the decentralized oracle to obtain the matching DeFi product; therefore,“one-click” to participate in recommended high-quality projects through Connectome DeFi robo-advisor platform.


Q5: In addition to providing robo-advisory services in the DeFi market, is there anything else Connectome can integrate with the DeFi market?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

First, the Connectome AI Robo-advisor platform will continue to optimize iterations, develop more service functions, and improve the rationality of product technology; secondly, continue to optimize product usage logic and continue to update the functional interface for new projects. At present, in addition to providing robo-advisor platform services in the DeFi market, Connectome will continue to develop more financial application scenarios for the DeFi market, such as: liquid mining, synthetic assets and their transactions, DEX, held by CNTM Provide a variety of application scenarios for developers and investors. In addition, it will focus on the development of AI advisor services, so that users can experience more visual and intelligent advisory services when using the robo-advisor platform.


Q6: Does Connerctome have any future development plans in the DeFi market or the blockchain industry? Can you share with users the blueprint of the project’s development plan?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

Sure! In the first stage, we will integrate the object recognition model, release some combinations of AI models, and start the development and optimization of intelligent components such as DeFi AI dApp development; In the second stage, gradually realize the support of multi-language modules, the establishment of a decentralized financial management, product evaluation system, and the Defi product development. In the third stage, start the Connectome VHA market model and data entry, and improve the interface optimization of the C-VHA intelligent platform; In the fourth stage, launch the main network, all business modules are migrated to it, and expand the market.

That‘s about our roadmap in the near future.


Tomoaki Yoshida:

CNTM will be launched on uniswap soon, and users can trade freely on the uniswap platform. And CNTM will develop its own staking & mining platform and support CNTM liquidity mining. Users can stake tokens on our platform to get $CNTM rewards.

2. What are your strategies or plans to make people, users and investors to think the same way I think about how great CNTM is?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

First of all, thank you for your support to our project. Regarding future plans and strategies, first, we take the expansion of the global community as our goal. Most of our team members come from Japan, Singapore, the United States and other places, and we can carry out our strategic cooperation all over the world.So far, we have launched high-quality exchanges such as Bittrex and OKEx. We are also continuing to communicate with the world’s top exchanges for listing. In addition, we will expand more partners, WeBounty is one of our partners.

3. What sort of a mechanism on your ecosystem do you have behind CNTM to determine/increase its intrinsic value? How do you plan to increase the demand and the adoption of the token?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

All the services provided by our DeFi robo-advisory platform, such as using the one-click investment, intelligent customer service, investment warning and other functions, require customers to pay a little CNTM as a service fee. In the future, we will develop the CNTM mainnet in the future. When users need to call the mainnet development or related protocols and functions, they need to stake or consume CNTM to complete these, so these are some parts of the CNTM value increase application scenario.

4. What are your major goals to achieve in the next 3–4 years? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption? How do you elevate crypto participants understanding of project?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

In addition to the development and application of blockchain technology, our team will continue to develop and research artificial intelligence and big data technologies. Therefore, in the future plan of the project, besides expanding and optimizing the functions of the current DeFi robo-advisory platform, we will continue to strengthen the combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data, and provide CNTM users with more applicable scenarios. In the future, we will also organize events in the community to explain CNTM and crypto knowledge and news for CNTM users.

5. COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Tomoaki Yoshida:

Overall, COVID 19 still has a very large impact on the economic situation. In my own view, it did harm to us. But I think in the current market, the blockchain industry, as an emerging high-tech industry, is still an important area that investors will pay attention to in the future. This is also an area where we believe that it will bring bright future for us. We will keep working hard to realize the development plan we have set, to make CNTM better.

Finally, in WeBlock’s typical fashion, Community members were allowed to participate. Some used the opportunity to praise the Guest and his wonderful work, while some used the opportunity to ask him question as it relates to the project. Answer were given to the questions asked, and each person whose question was attended to, 5 in all, have all been contacted to redeem their rewards which will be sent out shortly.

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