Recap-WeBlock AMA Session With SolPixel

4 min readJul 5, 2021

WeBlock Community (A full-service blockchain accelerator) was honored to invite Ms. Naree Kim, CEO of SolPixel, for an Ask-Me-Anything(AMA) on 2nd July 2021.

Recap-WeBlock AMA Session With SolPixel

The AMA was consisted of 3 segments. First, a brief introduction of the project and the guest was presented, following by the Q&A part with WeBlock Host. During the last segment, the guest answered 5 questions from the community.


SolPixel in the initial phase is a NFT marketplace being built on the Solana blockchain. It is focusing to build a competitive, user-friendly NFT marketplace that has features attractive to the users. In later phase of the project, it will be much more than a NFT marketplace. Ms. Naree Kim has founded SolPixel last year.


Host: Q1. What inspired your team to develop SolPixel at the beginning? And is there any specific reason SolPixel is built on Solana?

Ms. Naree Kim:

Before founding SolPixel, I have been managing a content creation company. During this time, we have faced the challenges of artists to create value to their content. This is when we realized that blockchain and NFT implementation will help artists to generate revenue but also interact with their fans. We decided to build on Solana because of its technological and ecosystem benefits.

Host: Q2. Comparing with other NFT marketplaces, what unique services SolPixel provides to users?

Ms. Naree Kim:

We are planning to provide the lowest seller’s fees in the market to make sure that NFT artists deserve what they earn. In fact, that is the most important aspect of a decentralized platform. We also plan to embed features such as one-click creation and cross-chain features.

Host: Q3. Users could use their NFT assets as collateral for a loan or offer loans to other users of the platform, could you tell us more about the mechanic for the liquidity?

Ms. Naree Kim:

As of now, we are fine tuning the mechanism for NFT-based DeFi. However, the core idea behind this is that any NFT with a value on the market should be considered as a financial asset that will allow artists to prove their credit to take loans or supply liquidity.

Host: Q4.Could you explain how PixelClout works and how can it benefit both investors and influencers?

Ms. Naree Kim:

We got the idea of BitClout where influencer profiles become a tradable asset. PixelClout will allow for fans to trade and bet on the popularities of the artists and content creators. These creator tokens can help fans access exclusive content while each transaction of the creator token will burn a percentage of PIXEL tokens.

Host: Q5.Could you give us more information about your upcoming IDO?

Ms. Naree Kim:

We are expecting our public launch to be between end of July and mid-August. The total raise from the public round will be $150,000 USD. Our initial market cap is set at $198,000.


Q: So many Rug Pulls happening nowadays. and almost 90% project with anonymous team do rug pulled. How can we sure that You are not like them and we can invest in your project safely?

Ms. Naree Kim: We are not an anonymous project. Team tokens and liquidity will be locked. Our product will be audited before the token launch, and product will be ready soon.

Q: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Ms. Naree Kim: A total of 500 m tokens will be minted. 5% is allocated for the team and 10% is allocated for reserve

Q: Only getting users, holders etc. is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on?

Ms. Naree Kim: The problem that we are focusing on is the lack of diversity in revenue streams for the content creators. Using NFTs, creators will be able to earn more and be interactive with users.

Q: At the moment , where you are focusing right now ? building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships ? Could you share it?

Ms. Naree Kim: As of now, we are focusing on building our product which will be soon available to users as a beta service.

Q: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Ms. Naree Kim: Of course! Community is the most important backbone in growing our project and platform. We are taking good time to take in all comments and feedback.

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