Introducing new Blood: Dr. Allen Hoo joins WeBlock as Regional operational manager / Media Relationship

Dr. Allen Hoo has joined the WeBlock early core team as regional operational manager and media relationship, He is mainly responsible for the operation of WeBlock’s affair in Asia area, ensuring that the decentralized operation team in the region can be closely associated and work with each other remotely, he is also responsible for the WeBlock acceleration cooperation and media relations in Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Allen Hoo has studied at City University of Macao in the major of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and he is also an assistant lecturer for academic English and course work.

Dr. Allen Hoo at City University of Macao

He has many years of experience in entrepreneurship, operation and media industry, 4 years of coal mine industry project manager at Coal Electric Group, in charge of project management and operation in the Asian area, and 2 years of chief operating officer at Multimedia Mobile Broadcast co., ltd (media technology), leading a company of over 100 in the mobile internet and media business and also 1 year experience as administration officer in university education.

As Deputy secretary of AI and Robotics committee at University

Outside of work, he loves social, he has joined some Blockchain communities and valuable organizations. he was the Deputy secretary of AI and Blockchain committee in University, membership of global leader program at Alliance of British Universities. Committee member in charge of organisational work of political affair at Beijing GuoLong Picture co., ltd.

Dr. Allen during Global Leader Program of UK Universities Alliance

Talking about the reasons for joining WeBlock, Allen Hoo said that the two parties met through a very accidental media cooperation, “I have always maintained good cooperation and communication with the early core team of WeBlock, and have always been very interested in the blockchain field. I really appreciate the WeBlock’s future plans and visions: Help potential blockchain projects complete from 0–1, so when the team invited me , I said yes with no consideration. I have always been in the process of starting a business, so i keeping gratitude for opportunities and a mentality of meeting challenges, hoping to help WeBlock’s early development. contribution.”

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