Flip The Table: An Open Letter to r/WSB from WeBlock


In the recent 100 years, Wallstreet has been manipulating the world by providing fundings and financing, from WWII to financial crisis. They are making a big amount of money by taking advantages of information, secretes and media controls. In the past, we didn’t have the tools and tech so we have to rely on them to feed us information and take our hard-earn money away.

They could buy sell stocks before we know it; They could naked-short on a stock they never had before we know it; They could use the system to change the rules to stop us from trading before we know it; They could feed us the information they would like us to see before we know it.

The Wallstreet is controlling you and your beloved family in everyway, not only in the stock market, but your home, your house, your school fund to the kids and even your bank account for your salary, everywhere.

Today we have new tech allowing us to access social networking, forums, IMs to receive information they cannot control, so we retailers start to make money from them. They are not happy about this. They want us to catch the high property prices they pushed up; They want us to buy the stocks at high they pushed up; They want us to have loans on everything so that they could keep us being poor and they continue being rich. They cannot allow us, retailers and people become rich to have an impact on their high level social status. So they use the system to change the rules to stop us. Robinhood is just a beginning. It is their table and their game we cannot win.

So let’s flip the table. The crypto is the new table. We have crypto accounts they cannot ban; We have decentralized exchange they cannot ban; We have crypto, wallets and payments they cannot ban. The cryptos are built by the people and for the people; The rules of cryptos are from us not them, they cannot ban.

My fellows from r/WSB, what are you waiting for? If the table from Wallstreet does not welcome you, join the new table, join blockchain and crypto world, join our WeBlock community. WeBlock is a community and accelerator for new blockchain and crypto projects. Whoever has interests in the new table, if you want to learn or participate blockchain or crypto, join our WeBlock community, we will help you.

Kind regards,


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