A tutorial on adding WON to the token list of Uniswap

Oct 20, 2020


How to add WeToken(WON) on Uniswap? the path is very simple and reminds only 5 steps. You could learn it in 2minutes.

Step 1: Please ensure download and install the Chrome Browser,then install the plugin- MetaMask for Chrome.

Step 2: Please open the following URL: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap

Step 3: Please select the right side button ‘connect to a wallet’, then go to Wallet-Authorization-Confirmation. Once completed, the right side of the page will display the ‘balance’ and ‘Wallet Address’.

Step 4: Please click button ‘Select a token’, then click button ‘Change’.

Step 5; Please copy and paste WON-tokenlist Link:

https://www.weblock.vip/weblock_token_list.json ,

Click button ‘Add’, To find WeBlock and Click button ’Select’ then Click ‘WON ‘for a new transaction.


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