On the11th, May 2021, the WeBlock Community (A full-service blockchain accelerator) hosted guest, Charles from Shield DAO (http://shieldex.io/) as Core Contributor, in a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA).

Recap-WeBlock AMA Session With Shield DAO

The AMA was divided into 3 segments which started with the introduction of the guests, followed by questions from the host, and finally Community live questions.


Shield expects to solve these problems with disruptive ideas to become the first functional decentralized perpetual contract on Ethereum’s layer one. Shield’s decentralized risk-free perpetual contract is a game-changing product built on Ethereum and its decentralized derivative protocol to support its operations.

Shield’s risk-free perpetual contract allows users…

At 12 PM (UTC+0) April. 17th, 2021, the WeBlock Community (A full-service blockchain accelerator) hosted the Global Communications Director from Standard Protocol, Mr March in a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA).

A brief introduction & background to Standard Protocol:

Guest Answer :I am the global communications director of Standard (the first algorithimically backed rebase stablecoin). My job is to maintain dialogue with our wonderful KOLs across the world and maintain transparent and clear correspondence with both our investors and communities alike.

I have been investing in the space since 2016, and have always believed in the value that can accrue to layer 1 chains. I have seen alpha in the…

WeBlock & Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm for Web 3.0, providing a protocol stack for building a user-centric tokenized advertising economy. AD 3.0 users are smart-rewarded for attention and data with their sovereign identity being protected on a trust-free basis.

WeBlock will enable the two parties to continue to expand their resource integration and ecological construction with the strategic investment between WeBlock and Parami Protocol.

The collaboration will include cross-community collaboration, engagement of the Parami protocol community & marketing development, strategic investment, and a general strategic partnership including the priority inclusion of the Parami protocol Token listing on top exchange…

WeBlock and Standard Protocol have Reached a Strategic Partnership

WeBlock, a full-service blockchain accelerator, announced its new partnership with Standard Protocol, the first Collateralized Rebasable Stablecoin (CRS) protocol for synthetic assets that will operate within the Polkadot ecosystem.

WeBlock aims to bring the acceleration service to Standard Protocol through the strategic partnership.

WeBlock will fully deliver the acceleration service in global community building, brand construction, multi-regional market promotion, multi-social platforms expansion and further media collaboration for Standard Protocol.

About Standard Protocol :
Standard (STND) has announced its IDO on Polkastarter on April 27th 2021.

Standard Protocol establishes a reserve bank with decentralized governance. It issues a collateralized stable coin…


This Thursday at 8 AM (UTC+0) April. 1st 2021, the WeBlock Community (A full-service blockchain accelerator) hosted the CEO from Jobchain, Mr Jose Bay in a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA).

A brief introduction & background to JOBCHAIN:

Guest Answer :I am Jose Bay, my previous experience has been purely in cybersecurity. I was a former cybersecurity officer for nuclear facilities for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Also, I was in charge of Internal Control in the area of cybersecurity for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe for 7 years.

I left my previous duties in those organizations to start this project in the end of 2019…

On the 12th of March 2021, the WeBlock Community (A full service blockchain accelerator) hosted two guests, Mr. Sami Tannir from Conflux Network and Ms. Harvie from MoonSwap, in a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA).


Conflux Network is a new Layer-1 blockchain that provides over 3000 TPS and near 0 gas fees while staying true to Satoshis vision being a proof-of-work chain which means anyone can mine the token and approve blocks without depending on modern solutions like validators. The public permissionless blockchain is developer-friendly and Solidity/EVM compatible to provide users and developers an experience they are…

WeBlock and VRM Have Reached a Strategic Partnership

WeBlock, a full-service blockchain accelerator, has extended its partnership with VRM, the world-leading multi-billion dollars trading team, operating Black Ocean and its issued Token-FLy, to provide diversified accelerations services.

The partnership aims to deliver a further and diversified accelerations service to enhance the international brand building, community cooperation in multi-regions, user growth & activation of VRM and Block Ocean. WeBlock also will work hard to strengthen International Media & Press Cooperation to benefit the VRM and its community.

The partnership is a new milestone for both companies as they continue to work together to grow the international business as well…

On the decentralized finance (DeFi): Exploring the vulnerabilities of the Blockchain Based Smart Contracts

Written By WeBlock CTO Abba Garba

Blockchain is a new type of distributed system architecture that uses peer-to-peer network communication, chained block transaction storage, distributed algorithm consensus, and cryptographic algorithm to prevent tampering. In essence, the blockchain can be regarded as a distributed database jointly maintained by all network nodes. Compared with traditional distributed databases, blockchain is more suitable for application scenarios that have clear requirements for decentralized trust due to its full data backup, open and transparent network, non-tamper evident records, full information traceability, and weak trust model. In particular, typical…


WeBlock is committed to build the world’s most intelligent one-stop block chain acceleration service system.

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